Hidden Hollow Daylily Farm is operated by Elizabeth (Liz) Mullins and Jake the farm security boxer. I have been interested in flowers all my life since my Mother taught me how to plant seeds. As a child I used to beg to go to funerals so I could see all the flowers. My Mom understood and would take me with her.

I retired from Federal service in January of 2005 after 28 years which included seven years as an active member of the United States Air Force. My husband and family have lived in many places in the United States and four years in England. What I learned from living and gardening in all these different places is that you must adjust your gardens to the conditions and grow what you can in that climate.

My display lilies that are listed on the daylily pictures page are in the growing and testing stages. I do not normally sell a daylily for at least the second year to ensure the plant is productive and true to what the hybridizer has listed. I only sell registered daylilies.

I had two daylilies when I retired and a yard that had been neglected for many many years. We purchased this farm in 2001 and made the decision to remodel and modernize the house instead of making hay storage out of it. It took my husband and I, and some outside help, three years to finish the remodel job enough to make it livable. My attention then turned to the landscaping. One of my brothers was beginning his daylily farm and is really who got me hooked on daylilies. After a couple of years I had to start expanding beds and finding new places to put my collection of daylilies among my other flowers and shrubs. (Sound familiar?) Three years ago I felt I had enough to start selling. When I was trying to decide whether I really wanted to start selling daylilies (after all I was suppose to be retired and taking it easy) a fellow garden owner told me on the AHS daylily round robin “if you grow them they will come” and that has been true, even with me living out in the country on a small gravel road.

The best part of operating a daylily business is the people. I love to talk about, teach and learn about daylilies. I have made some very good friends because of daylilies. And like most gardeners I love to share my gardens with everyone. There is a pavilion set up for people to rest and relax while I dig their daylilies. Most everyone says this is a most peaceful place to visit. So if you are near, call and stop by for a visit.